Results and Personal Bests

A place for race results and a list of a few of the climbs, runs and skis that hold some personal significance. Apologies for the shameless self-promotion.

Running along Entrails during the Squamish 50. Photo: Brian Goldstone.

Running along Entrails during the Squamish 50. Photo: Brian Goldstone.

Race Results:



Canadian Mtn. Running Championships/Sea to Sky Scramble, 1st place, 45:29

Mt. Marathon Race, 2nd place, 43:06

Whistler Valley to Peak Race, 1st place, 2:12:17

Grouse Grind Mtn. Run, 1st place, 28:00

Ski Mountaineering

Castle Mountain, 1st place

Albossagia World Cup, Italy, Individual, 36th

Alpiniski World Cup, Switzerland, Individual, 44th

Alpiniski World Cup, Switzerland, Vertical, 32nd

Lake Louise/ Canadian Championships, 2nd, (1st Canadian)



Vancouver Sun Run, 10km: 31:58

Survival of the Fittest, 18km, 1st place, course record, 1:24:06

Kusam Klimb, 23km, 1st place, 2:07:10 (course record)

Sea to Sky Scramble, 6km, 1st place, 46:00

Mt. Marathon Race, 5km, 5th place, 43:46

NACAC/Canadian Mtn. Running Championships, 11km, 1st place, 54:09

Squamish 50, 50 miles, 1st place, 7:31:55

Grouse Grind Mountain Run, 3rd place, 28:16

Sky Pilot 16km, 1st place, 1:19:09

Rubble Creek Classic, 1st place, 1:47:27 (course record)

Ski Mountaineering:

Dogtooth Dash, Canadian Championships, 2nd place (1st Canadian)

• World Championships Individual: 37th

World Championships Teams Race: 25th

Marmotta Trophy World Cup Individual: 35th

Pierra Menta: 15th

Mondole World Cup Vertical: 22nd

Mondole World Cup Individual: 30th



Loop the Lakes, 21km: 1st place, 1:23:19

• Kusam Klimb, 23km: 1st place, course record, 2:09:25

 • Trailstoke (Canadian Mtn. Running Long Distance Championships), 50km: 2nd place (1st Canadian), 4:43:37

Squamish 50, 50 miles: 1st place, 7:30:12

• The Rut 50km (Skyrunning Ultra Series Final), 10th place, 5:56:08


Ski Mountaineering:

Castle Mountain: 3rd

Alpental Vertfest: 2nd

North American Championships (Wasatch Powderkeg) Sprint: 18th

 North American Championships (Wasatch Powderkeg) Individual: 10th

• North American Championships (Wasatch Powderkeg) Team (with Eric Carter): 4th

 North American Championships (Wasatch Powderkeg) Combined: 6th

Canadian Championships (Dogtooth Dash) Vertical: 2nd

Canadian Championships (Dogtooth Dash) Individual: 2nd


Loop the Lakes, 21km: 2nd place, 1:23:47

5 Peaks Squamish, 11km: 1st place, 47:02

Kusam Klimb, 23km: 1st place, course record, 2:14:44

Kneeknacker, 30 mile: 3rd place, 4:44:07

Grouse Grind Mtn. Run: 3rd place, 28:40

Running PB’s:

• Grand Traverse, Tetons: 6:30

• Tantalus Traverse: 11:20 (Sigurd Creek to Lake Lovelywater Trailhead, with Eric Carter)

• Chief 1st Peak: 17:41 to summit

• West Lion via Northeast Buttress (5.4): 2:42 car-to-car


Climbing on the Upper West Rib of Denali with skis. Photo: Colin Haley.

On the Upper West Rib of Denali. Photo: Colin Haley.


• McBride Traverse: 15:36 (from Blackcomb Base to Rubble Creek, with Eric Carter)

• Spearhead Traverse: 3:10 (FKT, with Eric Carter)

• Garibaldi Neve Traverse: 4:27 (FKT)

• Mt. Rainier: 4:19 (FKT, since bettered, with Eric Carter)

• Mt. Rainier (ascent only): 3:05

• Mt. Baker via North Ridge: 5:14

Climbing the Charlet-Ghilini in the Argentiere Basin, Chamonix.

Climbing the Charlet-Ghilini in the Argentiere Basin, Chamonix. Photo: Jed Brown.

Alpine Climbs:

• Cassin Ridge, Denali (with Stefan Albrecher)

• North Face 1938 Route, Eiger: (one day winter ascent, with Jed Brown)

• Southwest Face, Mt. Asperity (First Ascent, with Tony McLane)

• South Buttress, Burkett Needle (attempt to with 100 feet of summit, with Zac Hoyt)

• Under Fire, North Howser Tower (with Tony McLane)

• Supercouloir, Mt. Blanc du Tacul (with Jed Brown)

Tony McLane at the penultimate belay on the Nose, El Capitan.

Big Walls:

• The Nose, El Capitan, Yosemite: 16 hrs. (slowed by other parties, with Tony McLane)

• Uncle Ben’s, Squamish: 6:18 (with Hannah Preston)

• Ten Years After, Squamish: 7:55 (with Tony McLane)

• West Face, Leaning Tower, Yosemite: 6 hrs. (with Colin Haley)

• Touchstone Wall, Zion: 3:50 (with Alanna Theoret)

Climbing in Indian Creek. Photo: Jeremy Frimer.

Climbing in Indian Creek. Photo: Jer Frimer.


• Flight of the Challenger, Squamish (5.12c, redpoint)

• Vargas Girl, Squamish (5.12c, redpoint)

• Masses are Asses, Squamish (5.12b, redpoint)

• Big Daddy, Squamish (5.12b, redpoint)

• T-Bones Tonight, Indian Creek (5.12-, onsight)

• Broken Tooth, Indian Creek (5.12-, onsight)

• Daily Planet, Squamish (5.12a, redpoint)

• Alaska Highway, Squamish (5.11d, onsight)

• Cerberus, Squamish (5.11d, onsight)

• Sport Climbs: Redpoint to 5.12d, onsight to 5.12b

• Ice Climbs: to WI6

• Mixed Climbs: to M8


One Response to Results and Personal Bests

  1. Nicholas Copeland says:

    Just ran my first Kusam and while online found your site. Your a stud son…..have you always been a strong runner? Did you have to really work for it?

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